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0.9mm Yellow Mechanical Pencil (4/Pack)


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  • YELLOW 0.9MM MECHANICAL PENCIL. Each pack includes 4 mechanical pencils with 0.9mm lead. This mechanical pencil is a highly useful product for drawing or general writing.
  • TIPSize. Features 0.9mm lead that holds up to the pressure of beginning writers and resists breakage. Most importantly, the pencil never requires sharpening which is highly beneficial for the users.
  • REFILLABLE & RETRACTABLE. Mechanical Pencil is refillable with standard 0.9mm HB Lead Refill. The retractable tip, minimizes the chance for accidental pokes and breaks while the pencil is not in use.
  • QUALITY. The mechanical pencils HB hardness lead is equivalent to a #2 wooden pencil. Therefore, these leads are perfectly suitable for various types of needs. Eraser top included for convenience.
  • WIDE APPLICATION. Designed to accommodate young writers of all ages, these mechanical pencils are great for student, school, college, beginners and more! Suitable for all general writing applications.