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Clasp Envelope 9" X 6" (5/Pack)


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  • CLASP ENVELOPES. These 6" x 9" envelopes feature a metal clasp made from a strong, durable material that can handle repeated use. Envelopes are great for storing or shipping Letter Sized documents.
  • DOUBLE SEAL DESIGN. Offers reliable security for personal and professional mailing; Sturdy metal dual prong clasps and gummed seals with tough adhesive glue.
  • REUSABLE CLASP. Designed for repeated use, double prong metal clasp is durable and eyelets are reinforced. Suitable for home, office, business, legal and more.
  • BROWN KRAFT 28LB STOCK. Perfect for everyday business use, these clasp envelopes are crafted of heavy, durable 28lb paper and securely holds hefty files during transit.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE. These envelopes can easily fit tax returns, documents, cards, reports, catalogs, magazines, booklets, etc. These clasp envelopes can be used for virtually anything you need them for!

Customer Reviews

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Tammera Arko
The Go-To Envelope

Clasp Envelopes of any size, are usually in my home office. I've been using these envelopes for over 40 years. I like that they seal like a normal envelope by licking the glue strip, followed by added security of a closure clasp makes me feel like my mailed items are more secure. I usually place a fun sticker over the clasp as well, before mailing envelope.

Rubye McClain
Envelopes and other supplies

First time to order supplies, very pleased with all of the things I ordered and very pleased with the prices for my home office. Rubye McClain

Jason Heath
great product

great value.