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Clock Sign "CLOSED" w/ "OPEN" sign on back 6" X 11.5"


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  • CLOSED & OPEN SIGNAGE. Blue and white background, black text, with red clock's arm. The high contrast lettering ensures high visibility from a distance. Ideal for retail, store, office, school.
  • PEFECTSize. Measure: 11.5" x 6" Inch. Easily indicate your opening/close/return time with easy-change clock hands. An exterior sign is the first opportunity to express your corporate identity, and business hour.
  • RETURN TIME.Double Sided design with a red clock hands showing your customers when you will return.
  • EASY TO USE. Durable plastic, weatherproof. Can be used indoor ad outdoor. Feature metal hanging strip for easy installation/hanging on window or door.
  • BULK DEAL. Available in bulk packs for office and school supplies to save you costs.