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Fine Tip Assorted Color Dry-Erase Marker (6/Pack)


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  • GREAT FOR YOUR CREATIVE. Perfect for all uses: executives, teachers, kids, students at home, work, and school. Marks are viewable across a class or conference room.
  • NO SMEARS & LOW ODOR. Ink pigment is made with easy-wipe formula that'll leave your whiteboard looking as good as new. Smear-proof and quick-drying makes it safe for all uses, even for kids!
  • VERSATILE FINE TIP. These fine point markers are able to create thin lines for detailed works of art. Allows you to customize your written message to fit your needs
  • FITS DIFFERENT SURFACE. Dry Fast and residue-free wiping of whiteboards can be used on glass and most non-porous dry erase surfaces. Erase completely with cloth or board eraser.
  • BOLD COLOR. Clearly display your writing with our vivid pigment. Delivers strong bold color to ensure that your message is distinct and legible. The low odor ink is safe for indoor environments.

Customer Reviews

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Very nice point!

My daughter uses these for some of her homework because all other markers (that were even called “fine tip”) were much too fat for her laminated worksheets. These have worked great for pencil/pen-type work space.

Kyla W.
Love the look of how these markers work and fast customer service for my minor issue

I prefer the ultra fine markers to write on my white boards. My handwriting is better and I can fit more on the board!

Good overall dry board markers.

These markers are good. They work great have all the colors you would need to write on you dry erase boards.To get the marker juices going a little tip just push down slightly on the tips when you first use the markers to get the best results. Would get these again once this pack is gone and used up.