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Multi-Point Pencil Marire w/ Magnifier Top (4/Pack)


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  • MULTI-POINT PENCIL. These pencils are stronger than normal mechanical pencils and no fuss dealing with sharpeners. Each pencil comes with a magnify cap.
  • MAGNIFIER-CAP. Each pencil comes with a magnifier-cap for a fun learning experience and also can help those who have trouble reading small print while working.
  • FLEXIBLY REPLACEABLE. Multipoint pencils can be flexibly replaceable, so you don't need to worry about broken leads or blunt tips. These are equal to #2 pencils giving you smooth and clear text.
  • EASY USE. When the pencil gets blunt simply pull the plastic nib out and push it into the back of the pencil. A new, sharp, ready to use lead will come out of the front.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect use for party favors, gifts in goody bags, students, teachers, office staff and so on, regardless gender or ages. Ideal for brain storming, sketching, drawing and drafting.