Item # 333

Geometry Ruler Combination Sets 4-Piece w/ Center Wheel Compass


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  • MATH GEOMETRY KIT 5 PIECES. 12" (30 cm) ruler + 5.25" (13.3 cm) 30 /60 degree Triangle ruler + 4.25" (10.8 cm) 45 /90 degree Triangle ruler + 4" 180 Protractor + Center wheel Compass
  • STURDY & ACCURACY. Measures 0 to 180 degrees left to right and right to left. Protractors and rulers with inch and centimeter marks make measuring easy to read.
  • PERFECT ANGLES. Adjustment wheel with automatic locking mechanism. Perfect for precise drawings. Trace and draw the perfect angle, circle, circumferences, graphing, and interior design.
  • IDEAL DRAFTING. Durable, lightweight plastic material. Bright clear color makes you measure easier, and you can see the numbers and letters on-page through the protractor
  • ALL LEVELS DESIGNED. Excellent for use in school, office, studio, or at home. The best drawing tool for teacher, students, artist, mathematician, carpenter, engineers, architecture, and designer