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Double Sided Permanent Tape 3/4" X 500" w/ Dispenser


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  • EASY TO USE. Double-sided tapes is coated with permanent adhesive on both sides. A no-mess alternative to glue for light duty attaching tasks. Keep the object surface clean before sticking the tape.
  • GENERAL PURPOSE. Adhesive on both front and back provides reliable and inconspicuous bonding. Perfect alternative to messy glue. Photo safe.
  • VERSATILE. Great for paper works, school projects, arts, crafts design, gift wrapping, photos, documents, wallpaper, crafting, cards, ribbon, boxes, sealing, repair, scrapbooks.
  • FAST & SAFE. Acid free. Provides safety to kids and elderly by using doublesided tape instead of toxin glue. Its thin profile enables you to not feel that there is anything.
  • NO GLUE MESS. Strong mounting on most smooth surfaces. Long-aging for permanent application. Safe for use on delicate papers and all types of papercrafts. Use in office, school, and home.

Customer Reviews

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Gerald Martin
Winning “tale of the tape”.

This 3/4 double sided tape is the best you can buy. You get more for your money and it’s 3/4 is better then Scotch 1/2 inch permanent tape.Scotch doesn’t sale 3/4 permanent tape anymore I will purchase it again and other Bazic products in the future.

Amanda Painter
Good product

It's tape. It works. It was reasonably priced.

Janet E. Dunigan
Not very strong. Cant recommend

Didnt hold well at all and I wasnt trying to affix anything difficult. (Paper to the back of a wooden frame.) Had to use glue. Wasted my money but couldnt return because I had opened it. Oh well.