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Pocket Size Calculator 8-Digit w/ Neck String


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  • BRILLIANT DESIGN. LCD display. Measure: 3.75" x 2.25" x 0.25". 8 Digits display. Auto power off. Full function memory. Powered by batteries. Battery included.
  • MINISize. Pocket calculators, smallSize is suitable for your business travel use. This easy to use calculator takes up little space on your desktop and fits into your briefcase or desk drawer.
  • LONG LASTING POWER. Powered by batteries. Battery included. The calculator will function even in a dim place. The soft rubber button design in line with the use of human habits, comfortable for touch.
  • NECK STRING. Comes with a neck string adds style and convenience. Never worry to lose your calculator. Reasonable configuration and comfortable.
  • VERSATILE. Great for home, office, and on the go. Performs common math as well as various financial functions, Perfect for both adults and students.

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Victorious Secret
Great concept. Awesome product

They are awesome... but my goofy butt thought I was only getting 3 or 6 .. I got 24.. Way too many. My husband is making me send them back lol.. but seriously, I have no use for that many.. want it for work and I have maybe needed a calculator 5 times... we can't have phones in the pit

Snuggles Auntie
Vibrant colors

Purchased these for back to school backpack we made for the kids.. The colors are really nice and they are individually package. One of kiddos was super excited when she saw her calculator.. Said thanks i really needed on of these. Would buy again 😁

A. F.
Nurse must have

I'm a nurse, we can't have cell phones with us. So I attach this to my ID badge for calculations. Don't wanna mess up somebody's inotropic drip😂