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Sketching Pencil Premium #2B (12/Pack)


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  • UN-SHARPENED PREMIUM WOOD PENCILS. Each pack comes with 12 un-sharpened pencils. 2B is our medium, all-purpose lead. These are ideal shading pencils for writing, drawing and sketching.
  • QUALITY. Superior graphite pencils manufactured from the highest quality materials with maximum point strength, especially break-resistant, easy to sharpen and erase; Eraser not included.
  • EASILY ERASABLE. Manufactured with highest quality sumptuously smooth soft core material. Unwanted marks are easy to erase for rapid expressive work without tearing the paper.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP. Features a hexagonal barrel, which is easy to hold and portray details. They fit nicely in hand, which is why they're preferred among many sketch artists of various skill levels.
  • FOR EVERYONE. Allows designers, illustrators, and artists to create their best work on paper, sketchbooks, sketch pads and more! The sketching pencils set is a perfect gift for family and friends.