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Wood Carpenter's Pencil (5/Pack)


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  • CARPENTER'S PENCIL. Each pack comes with 5 natural wood base flat pencils. High quality thick carpentry pencil are 7 inches long and 3/16" wide with medium strong HB (#2) sturdy flat lead.
  • STRONG LEAD. Strong lead writes clearly on everything and doesn't need to be re-sharpen often. Carpenter pencils can be used as a wood flooring marker and is also a great tool for concrete marking.
  • NOT EASY TO BREAK. The Lead of carpenter pencils has a good thickness so its not easy to break while using or sharping. Carpenter pencils is perfect for wood, concrete, stone, and other rough surfaces.
  • HARD TO LOOSE. The bright color makes carpenter pencils easy to find and hard to loose. The rectangular hex shape keeps it from rolling off slanted surfaces.
  • MUST HAVE FOR PROFESSIONALS. Built to survive all kinds of work bench, jobsites and tool bags. Industrial quality marking tool will be loved by construction workers, contractors, craftsmen and more!