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0.5" Poly 3-Ring View Presentation Binder w/ Pocket


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  • ARCHIVAL SAFE. 0.5 Inch binder can hold up to 100 sheets / papers. The rings open and close easily for adding pages as needed. Soft Cover.
  • ORGANIZE WITH EASE. Perfect binders for those school, office, classroom and college supply needs. Ideal for storing and archiving paper, reports, assignments, documents, projects, presentations.
  • GREAT DURABILITY. Designed and manufactured with enhanced durability featuring a tear-resistant cover with clear transparent view covers to insert or customize your binder on the front and spine. One interior pocket for extra storage.
  • TRENDY, FUN & COLORFUL. Features a smooth finished high-quality look. Brilliant colored binders are perfect for decorating your shelves, tables and general office area.
  • EVERYDAY USE. Stay ready and oragnized for your presentation, business meeting, interview, and more with our 3 rings binders. Board made with 100% recycle material.

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Lincoln County MT
Expensive for what they are but what I wanted!

Arrived as described and images relate with clear envelopes on front and spine to add labels you can remove and change when need be. Perfect for what I needed. I had ordered a very similar set that also showed images of clear envelope pockets on spine and front but they didn't have the spine one and I hate to use sticky labels that either don't stick well or too well and I need to see the category of binder from the spine end. So these get 5 stars for being what they were shown to be. I've already filled them that fast. They hold 5 to 6 clear envelopes made with 3 ring holes on one end and a sleeve that's a full 8.5x11 inch plus size and velcro closure. Then I insert 8.5x11" magnetic 3ml thick sheets that hold specific categories or seasonal themed metal dies for card making. Also I have special prepunched cards that hold clear stamps and these can fit into the same clear envelopes or work on their own depending on what I feel is best. This whole system allows me to keep the most used dies and stamps at my finger tips without having to search through boxes of my 5x7 inch envelopes with magnetic sheets that keep most of my dies when they arrive. I can return dies I am not using or no longer want to use for a while to the smaller envelopes too. I also found I can make my own clear stamp storage sheets via heavy chipboard and laminating pouches full size and then punch 3 holes to fit these binders. Amazing how well the stamps cling to the laminate. I prefer the 10mil lamination material due to it's heavier qualities as it helps make a sturdier plate to store the stamps on. And you can use both sides too. And in a few cases I've glued on smaller magnetic sheets to one end of the stamp boards to hold in some cases the sets that come together with both dies and stamps. I have a huge collection for example of snarky cats that have both dies and stamps that mate up. These smaller 1/2" binders are ideal for keeping my themes and categories together and simplifies where I can quickly find them. I also can type out the names of all my word dies and or glue on cut out ones to attach to the other side of the storage boards too. A lot of organize storage at my finger tips and means to keep things clean and not getting lost. And amazes me how much room I save in drawer and small tote filing too. This is a win win for me. Of course we all have different personalities and character influences so what works so well for me might not be your cup of. Stay safe and hope you all think outside the box to your ideal storage solutions.


These are nice binders

Love N Grace Healing Centers

We've used these binders for clients for a couple of years. They are durable and have the view and pockets. Perfect