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Composition Book Manila Cover 8.5" x 7" 20 Ct.


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  • SIMPLY NOTETAKING. Manila cover composition notebooks come with 20 sheets of wide-ruled paper. Ready for any assignment and take it with you on the go!OverallSize: 8.5" x 7"inches.
  • GUIDELINE TO WRITING. A perfect way to start perfecting penmanship and writing. Easy to use lines and room to practice printing letters, this journal is a great stepping stone into written language.
  • QUALITY. Wide-ruled format promotes neat, even lines of legible writing and its double-sided feature provides plenty of notetaking space. Standard elementary/grade school rule for larger handwriting.
  • DESIGN. Secure sewn binding and stitched-in sheets, Sewn binding keeps notes securely held together and creates a smooth edge that wont catch on your clothing or backpack.
  • USES. It is great for students to take this notebook to their schools, colleges and universities. Perfect product for writing all important notes, assignments, information and other similar things.

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Good price for quantity

These are soft cover paper notebooks to be sure. Thankfully it wasn't raining around my way when they were delivered, some of them were a little bent around the edges. They are described as having 20 sheets and 40 pages, though technically it's 20 pages since there are ten 8.5x14 sheets folded. They count each half sheet as two pages.

therese roscoe


Xander and Patrick's Nana
Handy planning notebooks

As a teacher, I used these notebooks for kids, and discovered them handy for shorter term, often topic specific journaling, or working out an idea or plan. They don't take up much room, and they are easy to take with you.