ITEM # 5156

Flags Printed Arrow 0.5" X 1.7" 20 Ct. (8/Pack)


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  • BRILLIANT DESIGN. Self-stick notepad allow you to reposition with ease and are perfect for any message needs fast attention. Easily marks in books, folders, directories, and charts as you need.
  • PREMIUM PET MATERIAL. Smooth surface to write it with pen, pencil, or marker. Waterproof, non-toxic andodorless. Easy to apply and peel. Keep track of documents with colorful reminders.
  • REUSALBE. Stick it on and removes cleanly from many different surfaces without leaving any mark/residue. Use for school, office, home. Leaving colored notes on walls, doors, or kitchen.
  • COLOR CODE. Stick on monitor, window, notebook, bulletin board, table, refrigerator, whiteboard, books, files, folders, and binders. Transparent design allow you see though the tag.
  • UNLIMITED USES. Pre-printed with IMPORTANT, APPROVAL,URGENT, PLAESE INITIAL, REPLY ASAP, SIGN HERE, SIGN & DATE, SIGN & RETURN. Express yourself in color for your communication needs.