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GX-8 (12/Pack) Red Oil-Gel Ink Pen



  • GX-8 RED COLOR OIL-GEL PENS. Each pack includes 12-Red Oil Gel Pens. The medium point spreads ink evenly as you write, offering dependable performance for everyday use.
  • SMOOTH APPLICATION. The 1.0mm medium tip can produce crisp, clean lines which allows for smooth and precise writing application, you could easily get your writing done without too much effort.
  • DESIGN. Transparent barrel provides a glimpse of the ink level, making sure you never use an empty pen. Removable cap prevents unwanted marks and protects the writing tip from drying or leaking.
  • SMEAR-FREE. We know you don't want ink to smear, the smear-free ink flow means you can put these versatile pens to good use for superior writing quality.
  • IDEAL USE. Suitable for a variety of everyday writing applications, making this oil-gel pen the perfect addition to your home, school, or office supplies.

Customer Reviews

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Latonja Grace

I love the smooth writing and fine point on these pens.

Oumie Jaiteh
Excellent product

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Rural Life
Great Pens For The Demands Of Occasional Red Pen Use

I got these after a bad experience with red Sarasa pens (otherwise a GREAT brand, with wonderful pens). For whatever reason, the Sarasa red pens died out long before the ink was used up, and didn't make solid lines after they had been used a bit and stored for long periods (who uses red pens more than occasionally and for more than for short periods?). Anyway, these Bazic GX-8 oil-gel pens have solved the problem. They write quite clearly, and seem to have no problem with being used a bit from time to time, while spending most of their life in a drawer. I haven't yet had any of these pens fail to deliver a consistent line of ink, or had to scribble with them to get the ink spreading correctly. They make a narrower line than I'd consider ideal, but it's quite legible, and is likely the same as most ballpoint pens (I'm spoiled with the bolder gel ink from the blue and black Sarasa pens). I don't know what difference the "Oil-Gel" makes, but I'm suspicious it is why these pens haven't had any issues with drying out or delivering spotty lines after spending most of their time gathering dust.