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Kids Safety Scissors 5 1/2" (2/Pack)


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  • DURABLE. Made of sturdy ABS handle. 3 assorted decorative edges: Wave, Zigzag, Straight cut. Decorative edges give clean and precise cuts. Its blunt tip is safe for beginner or young child.
  • SAFE & NON TOXIC. BAZIC safety scissors are designed for little hands with rounded tips and plastic blades to safely cut paper only - not hair, skin, or fingers. Item measures: 5.5" x 2.2"
  • 3 DECORATIVE EDGES. Wave, Zigzag, Straight cut. Clean and precise cuts. Blunt tip is safe for children and toddler. Available in bulk school supplies for classroom use to save your costs.
  • PERFECT FOR YOUNG KIDS. Safe paper cutting for preschoolers and children. Your little one will love this candy color design scissor. Enjoy fun artwork with these kid-friendly scissors.
  • FUN & EASY. Perfect to train your kids fine motor skills and encourage creativity with these safety scissors. Great for DIY scrapbook, cards, or paper arts projects.

Customer Reviews

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All plastic, even the blades, yet cuts nicely and safely.

I bought these for my 2 year old because he really wanted to handle scissors. These are well made and not flimsy. They actually cut paper nicely. You may have to hold the paper taut but it cuts without jagged edges. The blades are plastic too so no chance of cutting yourself.There is a tension switch to keep the scissors open and the child squeezes them to close the blades. Its great for dexterity! This was a great deal!

Maybe not.

These are not the scissors you want to use to teach your children how to cut. So yes they will cut their hair, or their fingers. Thats the only pro. Actually quite frustrating even for an adult. It would be best to just teach them how to properly use an age size scissor that can actually cut paper. The paper will sometimes cut, but most of the time just crumbles in between the blades. Thank goodness these things are cheap. If you have two kiddo, one learning how to cut and one thats younger and like to be a part of everything. Give them this pair. They wont actually cut anything. But at least theyll feel a part. Give your big kid something else.

Rogers FamilyRogers Family
Love these toddler scissors!

Love these scissors for my 3 year old. They don't cut skin just paper....they are perfect and pretty colors