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Pocket Size Calculator 8-Digit w/ Flip Cover


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  • BRILLIANT DESIGN. LCD display. Measure: 4" x 2.25" x 0.3". 8 Digits display. Auto power off. Full function memory. Powered by batteries. Battery included.
  • MINISize. Pocket calculators, smallSize is suitable for your business travel use. This easy to use calculator takes up little space on your desktop and fits into your briefcase or desk drawer.
  • PROTECTION. Comes with PP flip hard shell cover to protect keyboard and screen from scratching. Reasonable configuration and comfortable.
  • LONG LASTING POWER. Battery included. The calculator will function even in a dim place. Durable plastic keys allow for constant use without wear and tear.
  • VERSATILE. Great for home, office, and on the go. Performs common math as well as various financial functions, Perfect for both adults and students.

Customer Reviews

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Zechariah Riebeling
Still my Favorite!

The media could not be loaded. Wow, the calculator was an awesome size, perfect for where I wanted to fit! From my pant pocket to any shirt pocket. Yet, numbers and buttons are a Great size to use with fingers. But the front cover did pop open when I lay it on the table or put in my pocket. Not sure if its a manufacturer defect or poorly designed. Its going into my planner pocket and it will be tucked away unless in use.

melynda yancey
Too tiny

This wasnt worth my money

Sadie M. Brooks-Durphey
fits in purse