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Precision Knife


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  • RELIABLE & DURABLE. #11 precise knife is sturdy and strong as it has stainless steel cutters of high quality and non slip handle. Cut sharp and rust resistance. Bonus extra 2 blades per pack.
  • CRAFTING TOOL. Measure 5.5" long. Professional box knives ensure strength and maximum productivity. Solid metal handles and textured grip reduces fatigue. Offers more precision and smooth control.
  • EASY-CHANGE BLADE. Furnished with one cutter. Easy load the next razor, always working with the sharpest edge. Suitable for office, home, hobby, artist, and designer.
  • ULTRA SHARP. Ideal for delicate art work projects, models, precision cutting, detailing, trimming. Cutting moving box, carton, leather, cardboard, fabric, rubber, poster board, or DIY school project.
  • QUALITY & SAFE. Features a safety cap to cover the blade, it can avoid unnecessary cuts. Convenient for storage and portability to meet your needs of any project.