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Super Glue 0.10 oz (3g)(4/Pack)


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  • ADVANCE SUPER GLUE. BAZIC's super glue is the only solution you need! Good for Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Ceramics, Wood, Leather, Glass and most non-porous materials.
  • STRONG BINDING GLUE. Latex-free glue. Create the perfect scrapbook with our various glue types and applicators. Great for home-improvement and arts and crafts work.
  • PRO TIP. Apply glue to one surface only and press pieces together for 15 seconds. For optimum bonding, surfaces should be clean and dry. Don't spread glue with fingers or nozzle.
  • PRECISE CONTROL. Our self-piercing tubes do not require clamping or pins which makes it easy to use and provides you with a professional non-messy application to your repair.
  • STORAGE TIP. Clean tip and replace the cap immediately after applying glue. Prolonged exposure to light can cure adhesive. Store in cool dry, dark place.

Customer Reviews

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Strong Glue

The glue is strong and sets quickly, glue is a little runny. Its a little difficult to store once you open the container. I recommend you use the entire container relatively quickly once you open it. Be careful not to squeeze the container as you're perforating the foil cap or you will get way too much glue oozing out.

Phil O.
Super inexpensive, but each tube is one use only

The good: This is superglue, and it adheres like superglue.The bad: I haven't figured out how to use a single tube without tossing it immediately afterwards. The tubes don't seem to leak, but the glue is so powerful that it seems to toss a sticky film over everything in its vicinity once you use it, including your fingers and the tube itself. I've never run into this with crazy glue before, but it's happened with each bottle I've opened so far. So while a 6 pack at this price seems like a great deal, you're going to wind-up tossing a lot of it away.

Nicholas Johnson
Works great to attach magnets to ballistic shield.

I have used this super glue to attach magnets to the back of a ballistic shield to hold guns and magazines, and it works incredibly well. I have total confidence in the ability of the glue to securely hold these important items in place.